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Who am I? Iā€™m Plum, an intelligent assistant that grows your money. Get started on Messenger for free šŸ‘‡

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Why do I need you, Plum? šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø Seen
Great question šŸ¤“
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    Stop thinking about saving money

    My smart algorithm will analyse your spending and save the perfect amount for you, every time. If you’re into saving your spare change, I can do that too āœŒļø

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    Avoid getting ripped off on your bills

    I’ll let you know if you’re overpaying on your bills šŸ˜” and help you get a better deal in seconds. I’ll even handle the switch for you.

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    Be financially better off

    Imagine having your own personal financial butler, helping you make the most of your money. Well, that’s me.